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Before the Arrival
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Baby Girl

So much to do, so much to think about...

where's the water!

The pregnancy was much easier on Tiff this time around. She was more prepared for what to expect, and Ashelei was a joy to carry. Tiff said she really enjoyed being pregnant.

The Pregnant Family

Tiffani and Brandon get ready to deliver...

Does this couch make me look fat?

How We Chose Our Baby's Name

Selecting a name for a new baby is a fun, emotional, and momentous decision. My choices of Brittney and Brianna were quashed by the fearless leader. She said Brittney is too much "Spears" and Brianna is too popular now. And you know we can't all have names that start with "B", or we could all gang up on poor little "Tiff".

If we got particularly good service from a baby supplies store, or have a book that we think other future parents would enjoy, we might include a recommendation or web site link here.