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At the Hospital
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Baby Girl

The big moment arrives...

woof, woof, woof

I think my water broke! Yeah, yeah,...(probably those Braxton-Hicks contractions). Okay honey, let's go to the Hospital.
Memorable quotes:
On the way to the Hospital; "I think it's coming now!"
At the Hospital; "Please fill out these forms, and we'll need a urine sample", (minutes later) "Oh my God, she's +3", "This baby is comming now!!!"


What a though 20 minutes!!! Thank God that's all over...

The Family gets bigger.

Moo-ma meets Bubba

What are YOU lookin' at

who tooted?

Birth Details

Tiff got to spend two days in the hospital. Thank God nurse ratchet was relieved early the second night!!! Everyone was wonderful and the Hospital room was nice.

Delivered by: Dr. ????? (Our Dr. was on the way)
Nurses: two or three nice ladies
Others Present: Daddy
First Visitors: Brandon, Moo-ma,Grandmommy, Grampa & Marie

Here we might include a link to the hospital's web site.