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CCW USA Firearms Training

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To Register for a Utah/Florida CCW Permit Class:

Send an email to 
with the DATE of the class in the address line, and the following information: 
1. Name:
    Age:            (You must be over 21 to apply)
2. Which Class Date are you requesting?
3. Utah, Florida or both Permits?
4.  Do you have any Firearm related permits? (CCW, BSIS Exposed)
5.  What is your experience with handguns?  (NRA basic courses, State  Firearm Courses, Law Enforcement or Military training, Organized Competition, etc.)
6.  How did you find out about this course? (Friend, Family, Email, Website, CRPA Newsletter, Gun Show, etc. Please be as specific as possible, as  this helps us to  promote this course to other interested people like yourself)


This is a basic lecture course, it does require some basic familiarity with firearms.  A basic level I or introductory firearms course is recommended, but not required.  If you have any questions please call.

You have the option of paying in advance by mailing your check or money order, made payable to "William Desy", to:: 
CCW USA Firearms Training
9625 Mission Gorge Road, #B2-340
Santee, CA 92071
You can also "Pay at the Door" on the class date with cash, check or money order.

We would like to thank the following Vendors for their continued support of our Rights and Responsibilities

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Certified Firearms Instructor under the Utah Department of Public Safety, California Department of Justice, California Department of Consumer Affairs - Bureau of Security and Investigative Services, and the National Rifle Association.